Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Spirit Rebellion French Cover...J'adore!

Special Saturday Update! So the absolutely wonderful Sita tipped me off that The Spirit Rebellion is going to be released in France... and check out this COVER!

Is this not the BEST MIRANDA EVER? Okay, so it's not quite accurate, but the Miranda in my head approves enormously. Also, Gin looks PIMP. LOVE!!

Since the Fench version of The Spirit Thief used the omnibus art I was wondering what they'd do for book 2, but this is totally boss. Can't squee enough over it! SQUEEE!


bzyglowi said...

Nice. Though Gin looks oddly wolf-like... maybe it's just because in my head he looks like Naga from Legend of Korra, but with those cool ghostly moving swirls.

Ken Schrader said...

Very nice. When that wallpaper comes out, that is totally going to be my desktop.