Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Update on the ACTUAL real novels I have coming out soon!

So I might not have actually written a venerable tome of letters and pages that got reviewed by the New York Times, but I did write a 3 book SciFi series for Orbit that comes out at the end of this year!

While I don't have a formal cover or blurb to show ya'll yet (we're working on it, I swear. This project is a little cursed, please bear with us!), I can tell you the general details.

Fortune's Pawn (November 5th, 2013) introduces Devi Morris, a powered armor mercenary in way over her head. There's a lot of awesome powered armor combat, snappy dialogue, and of course Things Are Not What They Seem (TM). There's also a pretty strong romance and some language, so if the Eli books were PG, this is definitely an R rated book. 

Again, I'll have the official cover and blurb up as soon as I get the OK from Orbit, but I wanted to reassure people that yes, there are more books. They're even all done! All 3! Complete series! Also, remember when I talked about having a series with no villain? That was this one. I'm very proud of the work I've done here and I think you folks are really really going to like it. 

Fortune's Pawn is followed by Honor's Knight (Spring 2014) and Heaven's Queen (Fall 2014) to complete the set (collectively called the Paradox Novels). I'll be doing give aways and putting up big chunks of sample chapters closer to the release date. Again, I wish like hell I had something more to show you, and THE MOMENT I get final approval I will bury you in Devi info.

"Hey! Wait a minute! If you've already written all 3 books, why do we have to wait until Fall 2014 to get the last one?"

This is actually a very fair question. All I can say to this is that publishing in a big machine with a lot of small pieces that all have to work together. I am only the beginning of a very long chain that takes about a year to work through. As someone who ABSOLUTELY HATES waiting for books, I really do wish things could move faster, but it is what it is, ya know? 

Meanwhile, I'll try to make the waiting less terrible by posting free short stories and tidbits as the books come out. Thank you all for your patience and even if Space Opera isn't usually your thing, I hope you'll give Fortune's Pawn a try.

Thank you!
- R


Krystina said...

I am so excited about these books!! :D

Marina said...


Anonymous said...

Rachel Aaron, Rachel Bach....don't confuse me woman! I'm also excited about some new material! I've become a huge fan. Thank you for keeping my fantasy fetish.

Spinner Beech said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Sci-fi isn't generally my thing, but it sounds more interesting than most of the sci-fi I grew up with.

Kevin Bayer said...

Yay! Love Power Armor stories! Do these stories retain any of the humor familiar from the Eli stories?

Tami said...

Unrelated to the blog post ... just read the first Eli Monpress book and am now a fangirl.

I have never read a book I more desperately wanted to watch as an anime.

Rachel Aaron said...

Thank you all for the awesome response!

@Spinner as I told my editor, this ain't your dad's SciFi. It's really sci-fantasy, or something. It's fun!

@Kevin I'd actually say they're a little funnier. Devi has a... very interesting way of looking at the world. They're much more violent, however, so be forewarned!

Anonymous said...

OOOOH! Ok, I was already excited about these, but now even more so! Will there be samples? Maybe? At some point? :)

Can't wait!

Marie Andreas- at work can't log into blogger as myself :(

Mel said...

So excited to know that some more books are coming our way. I still haven't recovered from Spirit's End at the moment and the idea of some new stories to look forward to is great! :-)

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