Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Announcements and So Forth

Sorry for the longer than usual radio silence, peeps, but we've had a bit of an emergency here at Casa de Aaron-Bach. My 3-year-old son got an infection in his leg that required racing to Atlanta for surgery and a lengthy stay at the pediatric hospital. As you can see, he was most displeased.

When I write "death glare" in my books, this is what I mean.
He's getting better now, but things were very scary there over the weekend. We're hoping to be home before Christmas, but it all depends. I do think I've aged 20 years over the past 5 days, though. Thank goodness we have such a supportive family who lives near by!

Because of all this drama, I haven't gotten to say how amazingly grateful I am to everyone who helped make FORTUNE'S PAWN such a huge success! With the exception of SPIRIT'S END, this has been my best book launch ever, and I owe it all to you guys. Thank you so much to everyone who bought and reviewed the book. You have given me the best Christmas present ever!!

And just a reminder to everyone I left hanging with FORTUNE'S PAWN's admittedly tense ending: the next Paradox novel, HONOR'S KNIGHT, comes out February 25, 2014! That's only 2 months from now! I'll be posting an excerpt and hopefully announcing my new new series next month (yes, another new series! What? I write fast :D). 

In the meanwhile, I hope you have a great holiday and that everyone in your family is healthy. Seriously, as my son can tell you, it sucks to be in a hospital at Christmas. Much love to you and yours, and I'll be back at the end of the month to do a year's end wrap up! 

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Deshipley said...

Much love back at you! Convey my "get well" wishes to the little one, and may your Christmas be a most merry one yet!

Kai Herbertz said...

Glad to hear that your son is recovering. Keeping my fingers crossed that you're all home and well for Christmas.

Nicrophorus said...

Children's hospitals are the worst! Hang in there-hope ou make it home for Christmas!

Unknown said...

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