Friday, August 5, 2016


The wait is over!

No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished is finally here!

You can get it for your Kindle, cuddle it IRL as a print edition, or read it free via Kindle Unlimited. Or, if you'd rather have someone really talented read it to you (luxury!), the audio edition comes out September 13! There really is no downside, here.

If you've already preordered, thank you so much! The book should have been automatically added to your Kindle last night. If you don't see it, just click to sync and update your library in your Kindle options and it should pop right in. Again, thank you thank you THANK YOU for your support, and I really hope you enjoy the book!

And as a final bonus, if you didn't see Wednesday's blog post, we commissioned some art from the fantastic Gergana (she of the amazing illustrated Heartstriker book reviews) of my personal favorite chapter of book 3!

Click to see in glorious full resolution!

We commissioned this picture for you guys (well, also for me because OMG AMELIA) as a way of saying thank you for being my fans! Feel free to use it for whatever your heart desires, and thank you again for being my readers. None of this would be possible without you!

Well, that's enough out of me. I hope you all have a lovely weekend of reading, and thank you again for everything!

Yours always,


Anna said...

Oh My GOD!!! This is the best book of the series yet!!! I love it! Thank you so much!!! But that ending!!! Aaaargh!!! I need the next one ��
(sorry for the amount of exclamation points, I couldn't help myself, I just finished reading and had to express all the emotions.... I think I need to go back and start rereading immediately)

PS: That picture is incredible :)

Meej said...

SAME. I seriously can't remember when the last time I have been this needy for the next book in the sequel, and I read A LOT of books (some aren't listed on Goodreads...)

I agree with Anna, I think I need to go back and re-read this. Personally, I was not a fan of Marci in the first 2 books, but I am considering re-reading them just so I can catch details I missed last time. Also to pick up descriptions to create fan art if I can find the time. If that does happen, I would love to send questions to improve the accuracy of the image.

James Lackey said...

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed listening to the audiobooks of the series. The story is so rich in character development main and side ones! As there are a multitude of things that can yet happen I sincerely hope you will continue writing about Julius, Marcie & co.

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