Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Two new reviews of The Spirit Eater in one day!

Be warned, both contain some spoilers. So if you haven't read the first two books, run and do that first and then read these! :D

"It has been a pleasure to watch these characters grow as the series progresses, and the world around them has only become more fascinating as Aaron reveals different lands, peoples, and events in each of the books; these are the sort of books that prompt late night dashes to bookstores in order to secure the next adventure, for who can bear to be left out of such a good time?" - Book Geeks

"Rachel Aaron gives the impression that she simply enjoys writing, and that enjoyment is contagious. Her prose has a fun, sly tone to it that’s genuinely enjoyable to read... If you’ve read and enjoyed the first two books, you should have no problem with this and will probably love The Spirit Eater, as it’s the best book of the bunch so far." - Fantasy Literature

Can't ask for more than that on a Tuesday, can you?


  1. I just finished The Spirit Thief and thought it was extremely entertaining. I've posted a review on my blog: http://travelsthoughiest.blogspot.com, if any one is interested. Looking forward to picking up The Spirit Rebellion and The Spirit Eater next time I visit the book shop.

  2. Thanks for the review and for letting me know! So glad you liked the book!

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