Monday, March 7, 2011

thoughts while writing

Dear Self,

Just a note of reminder, since you seem to need it. Remember, just because it's interesting doesn't mean it has any place in your story. Just because you LIKE it doesn't mean it belongs in the book. If a scene doesn't move the main story forward, no matter how amazing it might be, it's not going to stay int he book.

Because you're nearing 40k words, and frankly you haven't hit the middle hump of the action. I shouldn't have to tell you this, self, but this is BAD. You'd think you'd know this after 5 novels, but noooooo. So, remember, darling self, word count does not equal done book. The book is done when the PLOT is done, and at this point that's a long way from here. Stop futzing about with the loose ends and focus on getting your intrepid hero to the END of the story. Once he's comfortably settled in the falling action, THEN you can focus on wrapping up all those little things you threw in because you thought they'd be cool at the time.

But seriously, a 6k chapter focusing on side plot is NOT COOL. In the words of Gold Five: "Stay on target... Stay on target." We'll blow up this Deathstar/novel together, just stop writing BS, okay?

Yours always,


  1. Writing BS? Never!

    Just finished Spirit Thief. I will be giving it five stars once I get to review it! Top quality.


  2. You give good advice to yourself there.

  3. If only I would listen to my good advice sometimes... T__T

    And Dominic, I'm so glad you liked it!!! Hope Book 2 continues to entertain!

  4. Love Your BOOKS! Just finished listening to them in a row. Excellent fun.

    Wanted to dive right into the next one.

    Except I can't.

  5. Oh I'm onto book three already! lOVING IT ALL!
    As promised I reviewed The Spirit Thief on Good Reads :)

    My daughter is now hooked on them too!

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