Wednesday, August 22, 2012

CHANGE OF PLANS - Not actually going to DragonCon

Well, after hearing that a bunch of my fans aren't going AND I'm not on any panels, I've decided to just throw in the towel on DragonCon this year. If you were coming and planning on seeing me, I'm very sorry to flake, but I just can't justify the expense. T__T Contact me here and I'll make sure you get something to make it up to you!

Again, NOT going to DragonCon. So sorry for the last second change. I kept trying to make it work, but it clearly just wasn't meant to be.

I promise to do more cons in the future! Thanks everyone!



  1. SO SAD!! I wish I were going this year.

    I'll be there in spirit though. Hope you have a wonderful time and lots of people come and hang with you :)

  2. Haha, well, since I'm not going now, you won't be missing anything. I think I'm going to put up a big sample of Spirit's End instead. I think that would make way more people happy, don't you? :D

  3. The big sample of Spirit's End would DEFINITELY make me happy, even though I'm actually cheered up a bit by this -- I was so upset I wouldn't get to see you because I can't possibly make it to Atlanta this year!

  4. Man. I'm sorry to hear that. Given that it was your samples at DragonCon two (three?) years ago that encouraged me to look at your books, I"m really bummed. I did see that they had you as a guest, but no panels. I was really puzzled by that and wondering about that... :/

  5. It would thrill me to my toes :)

    And this way, we can all (you and your fans) plan ahead and all go the same year. Talk about epic parties :D

    Sidenote: The prove you're not a robot thingie hates me...

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