Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 6 Winner!

This is it, folks! We have reached the penultimate day of the SPIRIT'S END contest! Tomorrow I'll be drawing our final book winner and grand prize, but today, our Day 6 Winner is...... the superhero princess! YES! EXCUSE TO POST AVENGERS GIFS!

So congratulations, Madame Superhero Princess! You get the next to last signed copy of SPIRIT'S END! Send me your address and who you'd like the book made out to and it shall be allllllll yours.

We've only got 1 copy left to win before the grand prize is drawn tomorrow afternoon! Thank you to everyone who's helped me spread the word about SPIRIT'S END! Keep it up 1 more day and let me know on the original contest thread so I can keep counting your entries!

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- Rachel


  1. SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am THRILLED!!! (As if you couldn't tell!)

  2. congrts, hope i can win tomorrow *grin

  3. Wow! congrats! How could I join to this contest?

    I will include this topic for my project management essays.

  4. I think it deserves a huge round of applause and congratulations for the day 6 winner the super hero princess.Thanks for sharing this post for all readers.

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