Tuesday, April 7, 2015

NICE DRAGONS FINISH LAST now available in print!

You asked and, after a lot of fudging around to make it look as perfect as possible, I delivered! Nice Dragons Finish Last is now available as a print edition!

Click to see in full glory! (And thank you to my husband for being the hand model!)
As you can see, these are trade paperback sized with a smooth matte cover and clean black printing on white pages for maximum readability. They came out even better than I expected and I absolutely love them! (And I hope you will, too!)

Also, for fans of my Legend of Eli Monpress series, the final book, Spirit's End, is now available in audio! I know, I know, that cover. Still, the narration is amazing (as always) and I can't tell you how delighted I am to finally have the audio book version of the series complete.

As always, thank you all so much for reading. I hope you enjoy these new versions, and fingers crossed I'll be able to announce the release of the second Heartstriker book, One Good Dragon Deserves Another, soon!

Until next time, I remain your friendly neighborhood Spiderman author,
Rachel Aaron/Bach

PS: For those of you wondering where the blog content has gone, it's been eaten by dragons! Getting Heartstrikers #2 out ASAP is my first priority at the moment, but I am in the home stretch. Once I get the book out to my editor/betas, I promise the writing articles will flow again!

Thank you all, and hearts forever!


  1. If you hear a high pitched sound, it's just me squeeing. :D

  2. Do you know which month heartstrikers 2 will come out?

  3. Just reread Heartstrikers #1 for third time...trying to be very patient while waiting for #2!

  4. I got it off Amazon. It is perfect!!

  5. Awesome! I am so glad you put the first one on the Kindle lender's library or I never would have found your work! I can't wait to buy the sequel.