Friday, May 29, 2015

Interview Round-Up!

Wow, what a crazy week!

Well, technically, it's been 10 days, but still. I did a three podcasts and had a fantastic time! Basically, I finished my book and RT and was still like "MUST DO ALL THE THINGS!" Thankfully, I had plenty of people willing to talk to me and overall I think it went very well. I had an absolute blast, talked a lot about writing/the writing biz, and dropped a ton of info about Paradox, Heartstrikers, and what I'm writing next.

For those of you who are confused or who missed out over the week and still want to get in on this sweet, sweet podcast action, fear not! I have listed them below for your listening convenience. Please enjoy, and if you like one of the shows, be sure to let the hosts know! They're the ones who did all the work. I just showed up!

And now, the links!

Podcasts/Hangouts Rachel Was On In May

Sword and Laser #216 - Why Genres Don't Matter on the Internet

"We talk with Rachel Aaron about why she doesn't worry about genre anymore and how she had to fight the siren song of Warcraft to become a professional writer."

(Available as both audio & video streaming and as a direct download. Also EEEEE I WAS ON S&L YOU GUYYYYS! #fangasam)

Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing Podcast #32 - Traditional Publishing, Indie Publishing, and Writing More Words Per Day with Rachel Aaron

I talk about how 2k to 10k is still working for me, the difference between trad and indie marketing when it comes to getting your book out there, and the importance of remembering to have fun with your writing! (The single most important factor, IMO). There's an extremely detailed write up of all our topics on the link above as well if you want to jump to something specific.

Also, you can't really see it, but I was wearing my Auryn necklace from the Never Ending Story! So, ya know, bonus. (Audio and video, streaming and direct download.)

And last, (but 1000% not least), I was on the Smart Bitches Podcast #143. Fantasy, Romance, and the Writing Process – An Interview with Rachel Aaron

This was an enormous personal honor for me. I've been a fan of the Smart Bitches blog since before I got published, and I can't tell you how stoked I was to go on and talk to Sarah, who is an absolute delight! There's tons of goofing around, great book recs, plus talk about my upcoming Heartstriker books and a proposed new Paradox trilogy.

So if you're a fan of my fiction (or just good books in general), definitely give it a listen. It was an amazing good time! Thank you, Sarah, for having me on! (Plus, every book we talk about is linked on the podcast page, which is kind of amazing, because we talked about a LOT of titles!) (Streaming audio only)

And that's it! Thank you all for tuning in, and come back on Monday when I'll have some biiiiiig announcements!

See you then!