Tuesday, January 16, 2018

It's here! The fifth and final Heartstrikers book comes out March 1!

Oh yes, it's time!!

Great Seer of the Heartstrikers and President of the New Mexico Pigeon Fanciers Association
Dear Reader, 
There is no way to write a blurb for this final book without spoiling all of the others. Suffice it to say, mysteries resolve, dragons war, pigeons abound, and Julius must risk himself in ways he never dreamed possible as Bob’s grand plan finally comes to fruition.  
But the Great Seer of the Heartstrikers isn’t the only one whose schemes are nearing completion. The Nameless End is coming, and even the machinations of the world’s most brilliant dragon seer might not be enough to stop it. As everything comes crashing down, it’s up Julius to prove what he’s always known: that seers can be wrong, and Nice Dragons don’t always finish last.

And so we have come to the end. The fifth and final Heartstrikers novel, LAST DRAGON STANDING, comes out on March 1, 2018!

This is Bob's book through and through. All of his machinations are finally coming due, and as always, poor Julius is the one stuck in the middle. But our little Nice Dragon surprised me a lot in this book, and I really think you're going to enjoy it! There's dragon drama, seer drama, end-of-the-world drama, it's epic! I can't wait for you to read it!

I also hope you LOVE the cover! As subscribers to my mailing list, you guys are the very first people to see it, and I could not be more excited. I think Bob looks amazing, and his pigeon is quite lovely as well. Bob is quite delighted she finally got on a cover!

Thank you again to all of you for sticking with me all the way to the end. Julius couldn't have made it without you! I hope you love the end of his story, and thank you as always for being my readers.

Rachel Aaron
Nameless End Regular Old End

LAST DRAGON STANDING is the fifth and final book in the Heartstrikers series. If you're new, start from the beginning with NICE DRAGONS FINISH LAST. I promise you won't be sorry!


Raine said...

I CHEERED when I got the email regarding this! I am so very excited to read the ending. Going to preorder right away! Question though, do you have a release date for the audio version? I will buy that too and I have family that can only listen to books due to eye issues who want to know. THANK YOU SO MUCH for these books! Thank you for writing.

Pepper Darlington said...

YES!! So excited!! But when does the Audible version come out?

Anonymous said...

This is great news! Any ETA for the Audible version?

Ezinwanyi (Oh My Shelves) said...

I am so sad. I don't want this to be the end. Will you do a spin-off? The Fclan deserve their own story.
The audio version has been amazing.

Anonymous said...

I just finished the final book today. I absolutely loved it! One of my favorite series ever. I never got bored in any part. Please please please, are we getting more spinoff books? The dragon/merlin world is just too good.

David said...

I just finished book 5 and I’m literally drooling to read more. The series was amazing and this book very nicely wrapped up the arc. I loved the characters, they became so real to me, especially Marci, Julius, Chelsie, Bob and Amelia, that I feel like they are my friends. The Epilogue was amazing and I really hope it is a prologue to another book in this world.

This is my favorite Dragon - Mage series by far.

Callie Leuck said...

I absolutely loved this. I'm hoping it will be out in print this year, as I'd like to buy my sister the whole set for Christmas.

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