Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Infinite Squee! FORTUNE'S PAWN is the inaugural pick for Gail Carriger's new book club!

I've been a fan of Gail Carriger since I first received an advanced copy of Soulless from Orbit way back in 2010 (being an author definitely has its perks!), so you can imagine my absolute glee when she announced that my own Fortune's Pawn was going to be the very first book in her new book club!


Needless to say, I am super super thrilled and honored and pretty much every good feeling there has ever been! Can't you just see Devi and Alexia Tarabotti have the most interesting tea party ever?! It would definitely be entertaining company :D

And as if that wasn't enough, Rob H. Bedford has posted a big write up about my career over at as part of their #torbit initiative to support Hachette/Orbit authors during the Amazon squeeze! I had no idea any of this was happening today and it's pretty much made my life. All other Wednesdays shall be forever disappointments after this!

Thank you so much to all my reviewers and readers for helping to make this possible, and if you're just picking up my books for the first time, I have free chapters of all my series up on my site. I hope you enjoy every word!!

Thank you again, and happy reading!
- Rachel Aaron/Bach


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