Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Surprise! The sequel to MINIMUM WAGE MAGIC is out today!

What is this? A new DFZ novel?!

Ta daaaa!

No, this isn't a cover reveal or a pre-order announcement. The second DFZ novel, PART-TIME GODS, is legit out. Right now. Today. 

Check the blurb:
Life in the magical mess of the Detroit Free Zone is never easy. When you’re laboring under the curse of a certain prideful, overbearing dragon, it can be down right impossible.
My name is Opal Yong-ae, and I’m a Cleaner. At least, I used to be. Thanks to the supernatural bad luck that turns everything I do against me, these days I’m more of a walking disaster. Getting rid of this curse is the only way to get my life back. Unfortunately, dragon magic is every bit as sneaky and deadly the monsters behind it, and just as hard to beat.
But I’ve never been one to take her doom at face value. Cornered doesn’t mean defeated, and in an awakened city that rules herself, dragons are no longer the biggest powers around.

So why the surprise drop? Well, if you follow me on Twitter, you already know that our entire family just up and moved from Georgia to Colorado! It was a super happy adventure, but, as with all good adventures, the rest of my life kind of fell apart during the move, including the launch schedule for this book. 


But I wasn't going to let a small thing like my entire life being in boxes keep a sequel from you guys! PART-TIME GODS was ready to go, so I said screw it, we'll do it live! Just think of this as my own, much smaller, much less organized version of a Beyonce Lemonade drop. Happy summer of books, everyone!


Wow, you guys love audio books! The outcry for an audio release date has been fierce, and I don't blame you a bit! I just heard back from Audible that the production schedule for DFZ 2 was actually delayed due to schedule conflicts with my narrator, Emily, and I was never informed. 

Oh well, mistakes happen, but the good news is that I've confirmed the audio edition will come out on July 2, 2019! That's less than a month away!! Not what I wanted, obviously, but it's not too bad.

In the meanwhile, the book is out in KU and ebook right now! I hope you love this surprise trip into the DFZ as much as I loved writing it, which was a LOT. It's a super fun sequel, and I can't wait for you to read it!! 

As ever thank you SO MUCH for being part of my crazy dragon world. I couldn't do any of this without you! Thank you for your patience, and I hope you enjoy PART-TIME GODS!

Yours with many books,
Rachel Aaron
High Priestess of Detroit DFZ Clean-up Crew

PART-TIME GODS is the second book in the DFZ series, which is set in the same universe as my Heartstrikers books. If you're new, start from the beginning with NICE DRAGONS FINISH LAST or MINIMUM WAGE MAGIC. I promise you won't be sorry!