Monday, July 2, 2007

Go go gadget writing!

1000 words a day for the last week, and MAN, do I feel good! Today I saved the file at just over 15,000 words, which means I've only got 55,000 left to go to meet my target of 70k! At 1000 a day, that's 55 days (yay for easy math!), which should put my end date in the last week of August, 4 weeks ahead of schedule ^____^. Of course, a LOT can go wrong between now and then. I could reach the end of my story at around 50,000 and be forced to ADD MORE SHIT. The mind boggles! Looking at the scenes I have planned, I get the feeling I'll reach the end somewhere in the 60-70k range, which would be just about perfect since I'm going to have to add a bit more information to the early chapters. Over all I'm kicking ass, taking names, chewing gum, etc., etc.

Writing happiness is the best happiness!

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