Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Two Blog Posts

Prepare for ultimate meta, for this is a blog post about blog posts!

It doesn't get more meta than this...
First, the lovely Book Smugglers are hosting me for a talk about inspirations for the Eli series and a book give away! So if you ever wondered how I came up with this lunacy (or if you just want to win a free book), head on over and check it out!

And second, I have a new blog over at Orbit Books called "Ten Things I Will Never Do." Here's a sample:

Now that the fourth Eli Monpress book, The Spirit War, is officially out, I feel the time has come to make some commitments. Three books is a long time, but four? That’s an investment. You, gentle reader, have stuck with me through two years, multiple covers, and an omnibus makeover, and for that you deserve something concrete. So, without further ado, here are ten things I swear to you on my still living mother’s grave that I will never do in the Eli series.
1. I will not place all power in an easily losable object
This is a classic, and better writers than I have fallen for its simple charms. But the Eli Monpress books have always been about personal problems on a global scale, and ain’t no one getting out that easily. So, despite the absolutely insane amount of epic magic flying around in the final Eli books, there is no Tesseract, One Ring, Sword of Omens, or Holy Grail. I know I’m killing my merchandising options here, but art requires sacrifice.
2. It will not end in a wedding or an awards ceremony
I couldn’t book John Williams or Hans Zimmer to do the music, so the plot had to be rewritten. Also, Eli refused to wear anything that might make him look respectable. A man has to think of his reputation.
3. Those fed to the Balrog will not come back
If you fall into a black pit beneath the world’s heart with a dark beast of legend to save the lives of your fellows, you’re staying down there. There will be no convenient reappearances later for plot’s sake. Kindly keep party members where you can see them at all times to prevent unnecessary loss.
Go over to Orbit and read the whole thing!


Rachel Aaron said...

Well James, I'm not actually a book reviewer, so I'm afraid you're barking up the wrong blog. Good luck to you.

anarchist said...

No problem. Thanks anyway.


Oliver Maurice said...
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