Friday, August 30, 2013

DragonCon and 2k to 10k gets an update!

Hello everyone! So, as you might know, DragonCon is happening this weekend in Atlanta. (Some of you might actually even be there already, in fact.)

Let's hope these guys show up again!

Because I'm tired of getting rejected by DragonCon's guest committee (seriously, guys. Two published series, a popular self-pub writing book, tens of thousands of books sold all over the world, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME? *looks at accepted guest list* Oh.)

Ahem. Long story short, I will not be attending DragonCon in my official capacity this year. HOWEVER! I will be at the con in Saturday just as myself (can't stop the signal, Mal!). So if you are at the con on Saturday and you want to come hang out with me and talk writing or Eli or whatever (or get anything signed), keep an eye on my Twitter feed. I'll be posting updates on my location all day. Hopefully we can get together and have some good times!

In other good news, I am very happy to announce that a new version of my fast writing book, 2k to 10k, is now available! To be honest, I never expected the book to do as well as it has, and I did not invest the time to do due diligence in my editing. Well, 177 reviews later, I've learned my lesson. This newly updated version has been professionally edited and reformatted. I won't say it's completely typo free because that's just tempting fate, but I will say it is much, much better than it was.

There is no substantially new content, but I did also reword several sections on publishing to reflect the growing importance and viability of self pub, so there's that. If you already bought the book, simply update your Kindle and the new version should download automatically. If you were thinking of buying the book and didn't because you didn't want to waste your dollar on typos, I hope you'll give this new, polished version a try. 

Thank you all for waiting so long, and I'm sorry I didn't do this before I published in the first place. I won't be making this mistake again.

That's about it! Enjoy the pretty new version of 2k to 10k and I hope to see some of you at DragonCon! Everyone else, have an awesome weekend!

- R


Jennifer R. Donohue said...

Hope you have fun at the Con! Thanks for the update on the book.

Michael Mock said...

Just updated it via Kindle - Amazon was kind enough to send me a notice about it. So, there's that.

Mike Reeves-McMillan said...

My personal favourite typo/Freudian slip: "a definitive test for which ideas are solid and which are dudes."

Elaine said...

Thanks Rachel for the update. I can't wait to read it. I actually just plugged your 2-10k during an Indie Blog Hop.

Have fun at the Con! I hope you'll drop into the Writer's Track for a bit. On this site and during NaNo I remember how willing and how much advice you've given. I would love to have you as a panelist. What or which type of panel would you want to be on?