Friday, February 4, 2011

My favorite thing to do for inspiration

Step 1) Go to Deviant Art.

Step 2) Find an artist whose work shows a true talent (note, you don't actually have to be in love with the artist's work. I often choose artists whose paintings show a great sense of color and mood, even if I don't necessarily like their paintings)

Step 3) Go to the artist's favorites.

Step 4) Be amazed.

Since Deviant Art is crowdsourced, meaning the pictures with the most votes in a time period go to the front page, it can be hard to find the really creative stuff behind the wall of fanart and nudes (not that fanart/nudes are bad! But we're looking for inspiration here, not Naruto and naked hotties). However, the people who really know what's going on in DeviantArt are the artists themselves. I have had some of the best and most inspiring art moments of my life flipping through an artist's favorite art. This is where you find the really amazing stuff that may never make it to the front page.

So if you're looking for inspiration and willing to take a risk, you can do far worse than flipping through artist galleries on DA.

On my part, I've spent WAY too much time looking at this gallery. Absolutely amazing stuff.

Anyway, I hope I've helped you find some inspiration this morning. I'm off to read all those books I bought on my Kindle. Ahhh, the struggles of a writer's life! :D