Wednesday, June 1, 2022


 It's time! 

Hungry darkness, haunted guns, tunnels that move like snakes--the crystal mines of Medicine Rocks, Montana are a place only the bravest and greediest dare. Discovered in 1866, the miraculous rock known as crystal quickly rose to become the most expensive substance on the planet, driving thousands to break the treaties and invade the sacred buffalo lands of the Sioux for a chance at the wealth beneath. But mining crystal risks more than an arrow in the chest. The beautiful rock has a voice of its own. A voice that twists minds and calls unnatural powers.

A voice that turns men into monsters.

Mary Good Crow hears it. Half white, half Lakota, rejected by both, she’s forged a new life guiding would-be miners through the treacherous caves. To her ears, the crystal sings a beautiful song, one the men she guides would gladly burn her as a witch for hearing. So, when an heiress from Boston arrives with a proposition that could change her life, Mary agrees to push deeper into the caves than she’s ever dared.

But there are secrets buried in the Deep Caves that even Mary doesn’t know. The farther she goes, the closer she gets to the voice that’s been calling her all this time. A voice that could change the bloody story of the West, or destroy it all.

"Possibly the best alternate historical fantasy that you will read."- Fantasy Book Critic

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It's finally here! The first book in my new series is out today in ebook, print, and Kindle Unlimited! HOORAY! 

We're recording the audio version right now, so hopefully that will be available quickly as well. I'll send an email as soon as I have a date, so make sure you're subscribed to my New Release Mailing List to get all the info on, well, new releases! (And nothing else. Trust me, I hate spam as much as you!)

Thank you all so much for being my readers, and I hope you love Mary's story!

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Rachel Aaron