Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Requested rewrites

First, good news! An agent with a full liked it! YAY!

Semi-bad news: She's the agent's assistant, the agent in question hasn't actually seen it, and she wants a full rewrite.

She was nice nice nice as could be, and she really seems to get my novel. Also, she read all the way to the end, which makes me happy beyond belief. Her suggestions are all very good and would certainly make the book better, really fantastic even, but I'm still struggling, and here's why.

I love novel 2. Love love love. This is not why I'm skittish about a rewrite, rather, I'm afraid that, after almost a year spent on this novel, I'll never move on. I'm afraid to put more time into something that may never sell. I'm afraid I'll lose my current novels in the malaise of constant rewrites.

But, then again, part of being a writer is writing every word with the absolute knowledge that it may well never sell, that no one but you may ever see it. You can think something is amazing and wonderful and have no one share that opinion, it's all part and parcel of playing the letters game. But that's ok. That's how it has to be. I'm happy I got this far.

That said, I'm going to do the rewrite. I'm going to throw myself back into novel 2 like it's brand new, and I'm going to rip it apart to make it stronger. I love that book so much, it deserves nothing but the best I can give.

So, heads up, here we go.


cindy said...

YAY! yes, please please please work on it. esp if you think it'd make the book better. it's a long way to pub and we have hoops to jump, but being able to share the book you love with the world is a wonderful thing.

good luck and here's to getting that agent soon!!!!!!! this is great news! baby steps. =D

Elizabeth said...

Hey just found this blog. Im interested in the way of the writer. Lord that sounds like a load of crapola, but it is kind of true. I'm just not yet finished my first novel. good luck on the rewrite.