Tuesday, August 24, 2010

nothing is sacred any more

Last night my husband pointed out that the muffins I make for breakfast, my delicious cardamom, golden raisin, walnut, orange, carrot and oat muffins made with whole wheat flour, are, in fact, bad for me. DO NOT TELL ME THESE THINGS. The muffins have WHEAT BRAN in them. I put it in MYSELF. Sure they have 2 cups of sugar, but I can't eat cookies, ice cream, chocolate, cake, or ANYTHING I LIKE. DO NOT TAKE MY MUFFINS FROM ME YOU-

*deep breath to prevent murder of spouse*

I've never tried cocaine, and after seeing how I've dealt with the loss of sugar, I don't think I ever will. I obviously can not be mature about these things.

I'm going to go eat a god damn muffin.


Mom said...

Sugar is hard to kick! I'm just trying to cut out extra chocolates and snacks and having a hard time of it. I've heard that Stevia is a good sugar substitute though -- and all natural. In any event, I'm sure the goodness of the wheat cancels out the sugar. And if all else fails, remember this diet advice I once heard: If you break a cookie in half before you eat it, all the calories fall out. Maybe if you shake it hard enough after you break it in half, the sugar will fall out. ;)

Rachel Aaron said...

AHAHAH, I love it. Break the cookie and the calories fall out. And I've never tried Stevia, I'll have to give it a go. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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