Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Eli spotted in the wild!

(Photo courtesy of Matt Albin via Facebook. Thanks Matt!)

I've heard numerous reports of The Spirit Thief being spotted on bookstore shelves, but now we have photographic evidence! Hooray!! Eli looks so handsome next to his bookish brethren! If you happen to be in a bookstore over the next few days, poke your head into the fantasy section. I'd love to know if this is a fluke sighting, or if Eli is truly out for real.

Unfortunately, my husband has been sick as a dog with walking pneumonia since last week, so I haven't gotten a chance to haunt bookstores myself. He has very poor timing! However, as soon as he's not a pathetic creature, I'm going to go to the Athens bookstores and haunt the shelves.

Also! I finally got my act together and go on Twitter (as shown by my nifty new ticker on the sidebar). Come check me out if you're into that kind of thing, I promise I'll try to be interesting.


Kimi Dreams said...

Twitter is amazing and I can't do without it! You'll find your fans wll ito hear all about what you are up to and what's going on with you. Where they can meet you, etc.

Don't forget to use #hashtags so for you like #demons or #spirits or #urbanfantasy

Btw..I love how your covers look! ;)

Jim Rhodes said...

It's nice to find your web site. I want to get a copy of this book now. If that's possible.