Wednesday, October 13, 2010 is my master now

I'm sick today. However, I am ruminating on how pleased I am to be sick in the age of laptops.

Couple more reviews popping up!

Civilian Reader had some lovely things to say, for which I was very pleased. Also, Atsiko, one of my book winners came through stunningly with a very in depth and thoughtful review. (If anyone else has posted reviews I'm missing, please let me know!) More reviews are showing up on Amazon, mostly positive ones, (and some from contest winners!) for which I am very grateful. There's something about Amazon reviews that make me freeze like a deer in the headlights. I think it's because I do almost all my book buying off and I often depend on their reviews to make that final purchasing decision. This makes me give my reviews on Amazon special weight.

Confessional of the Day
I used to day dream a lot about being an author, but one of the things I never thought I'd do is obsessively check my Amazon sales rank. I know it's meaningless, I know represents a pathetic sliver of the book market, I know I am wasting my life checking the page every hour, but I can't stop. It has become an obsession, because it's the only number I have. As someone who plays a lot of videogames, I have a tense relationship with numbers. They must always be moving higher, or in this case, lower, whatever direction is good. They can not be stagnating.

Every time I check my Amazon rank, my husband reminds me of this. But... but... OH GOD WHY AM I IN THE 100,000s? Wait, now I'm in the 10,000s! That's cool! I am not a failure and... NOOOOO, 40,000. X___X

Amazon, your power terrifies me.

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