Friday, June 10, 2011

If you're near Columbia, SC, you won't want to miss this

So, thanks to the wonderful prodding of Kalayna Price, I am participating in a MASSIVE fantasy book signing at the Barnes and Noble in Columbia on Saturday, July 9th. We're going to have door prizes and free books and a panel discussion and it's just going to be the best thing ever! Our authors include me, plus these other way more famous people:

I am so happy they pulled me out of my hermit hole to drive up for a signing. This will actually be my first signing (because of the aforementioned hermit hole), so if you want any Eli books signed, this will be the place! 

Here's the vital facebook link with all relevant info, and I really hope to see people there!

Also, no word on the new cover yet, but I swear it's coming! I'll post as soon as Orbit puts them up. Pretty Eli pictures are coming.


DK said...

I wish you'd done this a year ago, I used to live there! I'd totally be at the signing, but now I live across country. Any chance you'll be doing a book signing in Southern California one of these days?

Rachel Aaron said...

I hope so, I love SoCal! So sorry I won't see you T__T

Todd T Davis said...

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