Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 1 Winner!

And the winner for yesterday's drawing (as picked by my random number machine) is....Deshipley! YAY! If you will send me your info, including your address and who you'd like your book made out to, I will mail it post haste!

Don't worry, there are still 6 more days left, and the grand prize to go! Everyone who entered yesterday is still eligible to win in every day hence, so the sooner your enter, the better your chance!

I'll be announcing today's winner tomorrow morning, so pull your friends in and make them enter too :D! If you haven't entered yet, drop down to the official contest post and leave your comment to get in the pot. Rules are there as well.

And also, thank everyone so much for all the lovely comments. You guys SERIOUSLY make my life. If I had the money, I'd give you all books. And if you ever see me, I will sign anything you put in front of me. Seriously. Anything. I'll sign dogs.

Go enter, and let's give away some more books!

- Rachel


Deshipley said...

*hugs you*
*thanks you profusely*
*needs to be pried off of you by Security*
*thanks you some more*
*dashes off to send you all necessary information*
*sings for joy*

Taylor Bara said...

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Jim Rhodes said...

Sure, I will enter this contest. Find me here if you need anything. Bye!

Anonymous said...

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