Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spirit's End cover revealed!

The Lord of Storms, he is not happy! Eli, however, is giving him the "bitch, please" look. I'm not sure if this is the 100% final cover, but I totally dig the purple. Let's get the other 2 in here to compare!

Oh Eli, being on every cover is not going to help with those ego problems, is it? At least he's in good company. You can see all of Orbit's upcoming covers, including mine, over at their massive cover post!

Spirit's End's official release date has been set for November 20, 2012. This will be the fifth and final Eli novel that finishes out the story. The Spirit War, the fourth novel, will be out on June 5, 2012. I hope this answers everyone's release date questions!


SCK said...

Love the cover artist, Rachel.

Anonymous said...

it looks great! :)

Unknown said...


That cover. ♥ Oh man, and I thought Spirit War was good. SO EXCITED FOR THESE BOOKS.

Rachel Aaron said...

I gotta say, I'm a happy author cat right now! So glad you all like them!

Unknown said...

That is an awesome cover but in my head Eli is always Bruce Campbell's character from the TV show Hercules.


bzyglowi said...

Awesome! These are SO much better than the first set. :D Not that those were terrible, but these are so much more epic.