Monday, May 14, 2012


All new entries have been added in, and the winner for Day 3 is...Sam Baskin!! I congratulate you with my current favorite thing in the world...

So,  Sam Baskin, if you would please contact me with all your details like where you live, whom you want the book made out to, and which book, omnibus or Spirit War, you would prefer, I'll get you shipped off!

For everyone else, don't worry! There are still 3 days and the grand prize left to go! And please don't forget to tell people about the contest! The more word we spread, the better it is for everyone. Post your entries on the original thread (rules are there too) to make sure they get counted!

Congrats again, and thanks so much for spreading the word! See you all tomorrow for the next winner!

1 comment:

Sam Baskin said...

Thanks so much! (And thank you for congratulating me with such an awesome clip)

Could you send me Spirit War, made out to me (Sam)

My address is:

1306 Hawks Meadow
San Antonio, TX