Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More Spirit War news!

Hello all!

Well, it's been a pretty exciting month here at Casa de Aaron. First off, I got the news that The Spirit War has gone into its second printing! This means ya'll bought enough books that they had to reprint them, so those of you who already have books are now in possession of first editions. How cool is that? Answer: Quite.

But that's not all! The Spirit War hit a list! Okay, not a big list, not even a very well known list, but it did hit #8 for Books on Board's best selling titles of June. Apparently, Books on Board is the "largest independent online retailer of eBooks," so thank you for that, Google alerts! I'll take whatever list I can get :D.

In reviews, we've got two new ones, and they're both awesome. First up, SciFi Chick ate up the Spirit War! Next, we have Owlcat Mountain's thoughtful review that I really enjoyed. Thank you to everyone who reviews the book, it really, really helps.

And finally, on the writing front, my friend John Hartness, author of The Black Knight chronicles and all around hilarious individual, used my 2k-10k method to double his daily writing. Folks, this is what it's all about. It doesn't matter if you hit 10k or 1k, so long as I helped you write more, I am super happy!

And that's about it! Just finished up a huge deadline, so I am taking it chillllllll. I hope you're beating the heat as well :D



Unknown said...

That's great news!!!
I just finished The Spirit War, and it was awesome. You totally kept me up much longer than I should have been in some places.

Rue Silver said...

And there are some people, like my mother, as mentioned on Twitter, who are so thrilled about the typo in said first edition that she's probably going to try to buy the book off me after I've read it six times and made notes for my planned cosplay -- in order to make sure it's well taken care of.

I can only hope she'll actually read it.

(No book has made me cry as hard as Spirit War, ever. It's a compliment, but an awful one. PLEASE HAVE A HAPPY ENDING, SERIES.)

Rachel Aaron said...

@Ken hearing that my book kept people up is the best complement I can receive :D Thank you for reading! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book!

@some words hahahah, that is awesome. Tell your mother she can still get the first edition in bookstores. The new printing doesn't hit shelves until next week, I think.

I promise the end of the series will be satisfying, and that's all I'm going to say ;)

bzyglowi said...

Totally agreed with that second review about how much The Spirit War puts everything else in context. After I finished the book, I went through and reread all my favorite bits a few more times, and then I went through the omnibus and reread all my favorite bits there. Everything makes so much more sense now. It is also so, so much sadder. ):

I know you've promised a satisfying ending so I won't be too sad, but I'll definitely be waiting impatiently for November!

D. Edward Noe said...

It saddens me to say that I have never read your books. I know . . . What rock have I been hiding under? I did just read the Prologue to The Spirit War, and I have to say, it is AMAZING! I don't think I have ever read dialogue that well written, or a scene that captured my attention so fast. You are a master of your craft. I will be buying all of the books ASAP.

Rachel Aaron said...

@bzyglowi hearing you go back and reread my books makes me SO FREAKING HAPPY! I am a squeeing author of glee right now. Thank you so much for reading!

And D. Edward Noe, thank you for the kind words. I really hope you enjoy the series!

Fey said...

I've recently gotten your new book, The Spirit War, and noticed it didn't have an audiobook. I've been searching for a while to see if there would be one at all, but I personally didn't find anything! Is there any news on that? Or will there not be one D:

Murphy said...

I still need to get Spirit War. It's so much harder when I don't own it to remember to get it from the library. I wish it was out in mass market size like the first three books so they'll all match beautifully on my bookshelf. That's the only thing that's kept me from buying it; I would totally absolutely in-less-than-a-heartbeat snatch it up otherwise.

Oh well. I'll try to remember to put Spirit War on hold at the library, because everyone seems to think it's absolutely amazing.

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