Monday, September 17, 2012

Eli in art form!

Lo, these many moons ago, I commissioned some Eli art to celebrate the release of my Omnibus. Well, they didn't quite make it in time, but they're just in time to fill the gap before the final novel! So, without further ado, check out this great Eli art by Razuri-chan!

First up, Eli! Observe the Daggerback cards - they rock my world!

Next (one step behind Eli, natch) is Miranda! Love the rings, though they really should be even bigger. I always imagine her rings looking like those giant hunks of rock you see on QVC. Her hair is amazing, though!

And here's Josef! Note the lovely Heart of War on his back, though he seems to have lost most of his other blades. Oh well <3 .="." p="p">

And finally, Nico. This is actually the picture Razuri did for me first a while ago. Yes, her coat is the wrong color, but I still like it. Poor Nico, your life is about to get even worse in Spirit's End!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the Eli cast in glorious color! And just as a bonus, here's a lovely review of The Spirit Thief! Looking like a good Monday for Rachel. Hope your Monday is awesome, too!

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Ashtastic The Great said...

I love Razuri-Chan's art.
I've been subscribed to her DeviantArt for a long time, and was super happy when I saw her Eli art...I may have possibly fangirled to the point of being embarrassing :)

Rachel Aaron said...

Never be embarrassed by fangirling! Especially not fangirling over Eli <3

Rue Silver said...

Now I'm terribly concerned for Nico, of course.

Anonymous said...

They look amazing! Love me some Josef. It's cool to see how everyone's interpretation of our characters is a little different.

Skitty.jann said...

Hasn't Nico been through enough??? Poor demonseed. Beautiful beautiful art! Love love love your books!!

Anonymous said...

Whaaat?? There's such a thing as Nico's life getting worse? How is it even possible?? Nico is the woobiest woobie in all of woobieland, and if she doesn't get her happy ending (ie. overcoming her demon, getting with Josef, etc. etc.) I will cry for a whole month, and spend the rest of my life writing denial fanfiction!

*ahem* That said, I love all the fanarts!! XD

J. Leigh said...

Noooo Nico!!! Poor Nico! I'm with manderelee. 150% *sniff*

LOVE the art. Eli....excuse me while I go swoon. :D

Evan said...

Things get even worse for Nico? My favorite characters always have the worst luck. Here's to hoping it works out for her, with Eli on her side things have to turn around at some point

Melaye said...

The art is amazing! I love the work and may have to commission some art for myself. I love, love, love the vision of the characters. when's the animated movie OR the graphic novel?

Rachel Aaron said...

I'm loving the Nico love! Don't worry, I think you'll all like how Spirit's End ends. Of course, getting there might be a little hairy... :D

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