Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I've been working on a secret project for a few weeks now, but today, finally, all the bugs are worked out and I'm ready to go. So, without further ado, may I new writing book!

Well, ebook novella to be technically accurate. 2k to 10k (Amazon UK) combines my most popular writing blog posts (all updated, expanded, and edited), new chapters on creating characters that write themselves, making story structure work for you, and beating writer's block, and a whole bunch of other new stuff inserted all through out. 

The book is short and simple (a brisk 30k!), and, like the post it's named for, focuses on practical, everyday advice to help the average writer, pro or beginner, work faster and better. It's also only $0.99. Hard to beat that!

The book is currently available on Amazon only since this is my first foray into self publishing (and I wanted to try out this KDP thing everyone's going nuts over), but I hope to expand to other platforms soon. In the meanwhile, I hope you'll bet a dollar on me and give the book a try.

And if you tried my 2k to 10k triangle already, I'd love love love to put your testimonial up! Please contact me or leave a comment on this post with your success story and how you'd like to be identified and I'll put it up. Your help means a lot, and I really do love hearing how other people are using my methods. 

Thank you tons, and I really hope you enjoy the book!

- Rachel

PS: The original blog posts that form the bones of this book will remain up and free on my site forever. I wrote this book as an expansion and deepening of those initial ideas, and while the book has a ton of new content, the old stuff will stay exactly as it is. TL;DR: The original 2k to 10k post isn't going anywhere, so no worries! 


Luisa Perkins said...

SO excited about this! Your triangle TOTALLY works. I will buy it and re-read everything; I need a kick in the pants.

Rob Cornell said...

For only 99 cents? That's a no brainer. Got mine! Looking forward to digging in.

@c_renzetti said...



Faith Thomas said...

I read a blog about your triangle method a few months ago. It was great. I would so love a book with your tips and motivation. Thanks

Unknown said...

Done and done. I've got your triangle and your post on editing taped to a wall by my writing desk. Looking forward to digging into the new book

Rachel Aaron said...

Thank you all so much and I really hope you enjoy the book!

Unknown said...

I've got you lined up right behind Orson Scott Card's "Characters and Viewpoint" and I'm almost done with that. It'll be hard work to keep from "Skimming" just to get to you faster.

Ubiquitous Leader SK said...
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Sari said...

I love your planning process and your triangle. They've TOTALLY helped me actually write novels and write them in short amounts of time!

I really want this, but I don't have a Kindle, so I hope you'll consider publishing in different formats really soon. I'd even pay more than a dollar for it!

Unknown said...

I am a huge fan of your method and have many of your writing-related blog posts saved for easy reference. This was a no-brainer purchase for me!

Anonymous said...

I just bought the book and can't wait to read it. For those of you wishing you had an iPad or Kindle, please note that you can download Kindle for you PC - just do a Google search. Thanks, Rachel!

Rebecca Harwell said...

Just wanted to let you know that I bought it, read it, squealed about it to my non-writer friends who thought I was a dork, and then proceeded to apply it. Thank you so much for the amazing advice. I'm already unstuck and underway with my revisions.

Elaine said...

Thanks for sharing this in book form. Just finished and I love having your wonderful insights compiled together.

I found your work after your epic advice thread from NaNo last year, and your triangle method helped me complete the first draft of my first complete manuscript. I've got a lot more work to do but look forward to applying your principles to help me get there.

Janis said...

With NaNoWriMo coming up, you are gonna make a fortune with this! Thank you so much, Rachel.

the superhero princess said...

Bought my copy as prep for NaNoWriMo! It is already so much help. :D

Rachel Aaron said...

Wow, thank all of you so much for the great comments! You people make my life!

Anonymous said...

Bought it. Looking forward to reading it while I finish editing my novel over the next month.

Elise M Stone said...

I found out about this book from Writer Unboxed and I'm so glad I did! I must have two shelves of "how to write a novel" books and I didn't think I needed any more, but I think I was mistaken.

While my original motivation to read it was the title objective (as a soon-to-be indie published author, I've read so much about how the secret to success is more books), I'm finding your take on the novel-writing process refreshing. I just got to the Story Architect chapter where you say, "Act 2 is very exciting, tension filled stuff, which is why it's normally the longest act." What a marvelous way to look at it! I've read and heard so much about "saggy middles" (I'm skipping an all day workshop on that topic today), I've never heard anyone put Act 2 in such a positive light.
Let me echo the plea to make this available in other formats. While I'm reading it on my MacBook Pro, I'm wishing I could have a PDF downloaded from Smashwords so I could print out a copy. After the initial read, I like to have reference books in paper so I can flip pages to various sections, make notes, etc.

Anonymous said...

I looooove this book! Amazon turned me on to it. I'm ready for another writing guide from you!

Anonymous said...

And I forgot to say 99 pennies is too cheap! Add another dollar or two at least. Your advice is worth more than 99 cents.

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