Monday, May 30, 2016

Thanks and Updates This Memorial Day

Hi Folks,

This being memorial day weekend here, I've not been able to put together a business post for today.  We're just too busy doing family stuff. Today I'm grabbing a chance, while my son watches his morning cartoons, to update ya'll about all the exciting things we have coming up this summer.

I cannot tell you how many Warcraft jokes were made on this hike...

More Than Just Pre-Orders

Thank you SO MUCH, all you wonderful people who've pre-ordered No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished! We already have 350+ pre-orders which, according to my records, is 150 more than we had 4 days in on the One Good Dragon pre-order launch. Woooo!

Now, just a little preview of what's going to happen with promotions this summer as we head towards our August 5th launch day, here's what you can look forward to on the Rachel Aaron / Heartstrikers front.

New Posters - oh boy do we have new posters! We have five new posters no less! This includes the much requested Marci and Ghost book 2 art poster (no words, just art). There's also a special poster coming that makes even me squee (not actually hard to do haha) and will surely melt ya'll when you see it.

Sample Chapters - Ready to actually read some of book 3? Later this summer (cough, when the book has been through more proofreading), we'll be putting sample chapters up for everyone to devour. Think of them as an appetizer for the main course.

Special Content - there's a chance that Rachel will be writing something special for Heartstrikers that isn't in the books. I'd call it a short story, but I think its actually going to be a fictional interview set within the Heartstrikers world. What's important to know is that it will only be available to people who are on the new release mailing list or those who join the list after it's been made. If you don't get it though, don't worry, its not essential reading for the series.

Anyway, there's lots to be excited about coming up! Stay tuned, subscribed, bookmarked, or whatever term applies these days.

Also, a lot of folks are asking Rachel questions about the other formats, so please allow me to answer.

Audio and Print for No Good Dragon...

We're doing our best to have print and audio for No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished come out same day as the eBook. It'll be a small miracle if that actually happens though. This is mainly because the manuscript will be coming out of the last rounds of quality control very close to the August 5th release date.

This doesn't give the other formats much time to line up. Print we might land, but audio will likely still be in production. Audible works fast though, we're getting it to them earlier this time, and so I expect that it will not be a long wait for the audio book. It will certainly be much shorter than the 4-5 months delay we had for One Good Dragon

That's not very committal, I'm sorry. The take away here is that we're much more on the ball this time about print and audio so no one will be left waiting as long for their favorite format to come available. Yay!

If you want to know the moment these new formats are up, join the mailing list. This is great if you don't want to miss a release, but don't read the blog every week.

Have a Great Holiday!

Or if you aren't in the USA, have a great Monday. As for me, I'm going to go answer my son's requests to play Castle Crashers now. ^_^



Pat4Him said...

Yay! I'm so excited to know that there WILL be an audiobook for NO GOOD DRAGON GOES UNPUNISHED! We are a family of big-time readers. I love this series and now so do my (adult) daughters. Some of them, however, rely mostly on audiobooks for their on-the-go lives and we loved your narrator for the first two books. We're now encouraging my 16 year old granddaughter to get on board with the Heartstrikers too!

Cybil Solyn said...

All the excitement for the audiobook version! Woot woot!

Rachel Aaron said...

I'm SO excited about the audio edition. Vikas is narrating again and I CAN NOT WAIT!

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