Friday, April 10, 2020

NIGHT SHIFT DRAGONS, the final DFZ book, comes out May 5!

They say family always sticks together, but when you’re your dad’s only lifeline and the whole world—humans, dragons, and gods—wants you dead, “family bonding” takes on a whole new meaning. 
My name is Opal Yong-ae, and I’m in way over my head. I thought getting rid of my dad’s bad luck curse would put things back to normal. Instead, I’m stuck playing caretaker to the Great Dragon of Korea. That wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t such a jerk, or if every dragon on the planet wasn’t out to kill him, or if he was my only problem.  
Turns out, things can always get worse in the DFZ. When a rival spirit attacks my god/boss with the aim of turning the famously safety-optional city into a literal death arena with Nik as his bloody champion, I’m thrust onto the front lines and way out of my comfort zone. When gods fight, mortals don’t usually survive, but I’m not alone this time. Even proud old dragons can learn new tricks, and with everything I love falling to pieces, the father I’ve always run from might just be the only force in the universe stubborn enough to pull us back together.

I know it's been a hard few months for everyone and I'm sorry this took so long, but the wait is finally over. NIGHT SHIFT DRAGONS, the grand conclusion to the DFZ trilogy, comes out in audio, ebook, and KU on May 5!

Yes, that's Yong on the cover. Yes, they look like a K-Drama. Yes, Opal has a crickety crazy scheme. Yes, there's food. Also ambitious spirits, Heartstriker cameos, Nik's past finally revealed, and tons more! I crammed in pretty much everything you could want from a DFZ book, and it's all coming your way in less than a month!

And for those of you who prefer to listen to your books, the audio is releasing the same day as the ebook! And for you peeps who like paper books, I've got good news for you too! Print editions for MINIMUM WAGE MAGIC and PART-TIME GODS are done at last and will ALSO be launching on May 5!

*happy dancing*

Thank you all so much for going on this roller coaster of a series with me. I am so darn happy with how this book came out, and I hope the conclusion of Opal's story will bring you as much joy as it's brought me. Thanks you so much as always for reading and listening and being your awesome selves. I hope you'll add this last book to your lists, and I can't wait for you to read the story!

Thank you as always, and stay healthy!

Rachel Aaron
Introverted Cave Dweller Social Distancing Champion

NIGHT SHIFT DRAGONS is the third book in the DFZ trilogy. If you're new, start from the beginning with MINIMUM WAGE MAGIC! I promise you won't be sorry!


Priscilla Bettis said...

May 5th is just around the corner, exciting!

Card Cropper said...

I'm desperately looking for the audio version. When might Audible show it for pre-order please? Love your books!

Chairman said...

I second Card Croppers question regarding the Audible preorder... I don't trust myself not to spend all of my money. So best to pre-order now!

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These different types of massages and methods are called modalities. Modalities have been developed to target specific problems or female to male massage centre near me areas of concerns to get tailored results. We won’t list all the modalities here because there are so many, but below you’ll find 11 popular modalities that you can commonly find.

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They want to share everything, even body to body spa hyderabad their massage. Many couples treatments are specifically designed with romance in mind

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Feeling burned out, overwhelmed, stressed, spa in pune unmotivated, or fatigued? It’s time to take better care of yourself.