Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 1 Winner!

What a great turn out for Day 1! You guys make me all mushy inside, and I meant that in the best possible way. :D After entering all of your wonderful, wonderful Eli sharing awesome into my spreadsheet, the impartial computer at has declared B.A. Viens as our first winner! HOORAY!

So congratulations B.A. Viens! In addition to one very happy Disney crocodile (alligator?), you will receive a signed copy of Spirit's End for your very own! Simply send me your address and who you'd like the book made out to and I'll be shipping it off post haste.

Thank you to everyone whose entered so far and don't forget, there are still 6 copies to win plus the grand prize that will be drawn next Tuesday. So keep spreading the word and letting me know about it on the original contest thread and I'll keep picking winners, though, of course, YOU'RE ALL WINNERS TO ME! 

Good luck and thank you for everything. You are the best fans a girl could wish for!

- Rachel

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