Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 2 Winner!

Another day, another book to be given away! And the winner for day 2 of the official Spirit's End raffle is.....(drumroll)... Audrey Bauman! Hooray! This calls for a WAMPUG!

Mega congrats to you, Audrey! Though sadly Chubs the Wampug is not actually mine to bestow, I will be sending you a signed copy of Spirit's End! Simply send me your address and who you'd like the book made out to and I'll ship it off post haste.

Thank you to everyone whose entered so far and don't forget, there are still 5 copies left to win plus the grand prize that will be drawn next Tuesday. So keep spreading the word and letting me know about it on the original contest thread!

Thank you all a TON!

- Rachel

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