Saturday, October 19, 2013

FORTUNE'S PAWN raffle Day 5 Winner!

And today's winner is...........Courtney Richards! Yaaaaay! I am "Anderson Cooper with an obscenely fat cat" levels of happy for you!

I've been waiting the entire contest to use this gif!

Please let me know where you'd like the book mailed and whom you'd like it autographed to and I'll add it to the mail pile! And please remember you're still eligible for the grand prize at the end, so YAY!

We're getting downt to the wire now! But if you haven't won yet, don't worry, we've got 2 days of books left to go! Every day is a blank slate, so keep spreading the word and letting me know on the original contest post so I can keep track of everyone's entries! Thanks for playing and good luck!

- R


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