Saturday, August 1, 2015

It's official!! ONE GOOD DRAGON DESERVES ANOTHER is out today!

The wait is over!

One Good Dragon Deserves Another, the sequel to Nice Dragons Finish Last is now out! You can buy the ebook from, read it for free as a member of Kindle Unlimited, or try out a sample on my website.
You can also preorder the Audible audiobook edition, which comes out in October! A HUGE thank you to everyone who preordered the book, You guys are amazing!! I hope you're loving it!

We're also going to be adding a print edition and a poster of the OGDDA cover for the swag shop in the months to come. The third book in the series, tentatively titles A Dragon of a Different Color, should be out in early 2016.

Still on the fence? Here's a round up of what reviewers are saying:

"This second story in the Heartstriker's series takes all of the promise of its predecessor and fulfills it...One Good Dragon Deserves Another is a tightly plotted, wonderfully characterized, minimally (but adorably) romantic, futuristic tale of dragons and magic, and you should want to get your hands on it immediately." - The Midnight Garden 

"A first rate sequel that completely outshines its predecessor in every department. It reads like a thriller, is a urban fantasy, Sci-fi mashup in its plot and is a fantastic read overall. When it comes to books from author that we love, I don't think we can ask more than that." - Fantasy Book Critic 

"Witty, fresh, and fun. A sequel that expands on world building, characters, and the series plot makes this one a winner." - Fine Print 

"I really like the story in this book. There are twists and turns, but Julius stays true to himself." - Notes from a Readerholic

Whether they come from pro-reviewers or normal readers, reviews are hugely important for an author's career (plus, they make me stupidly happy!!!). If you've read any of my books, I hope you'll consider writing one for me on Amazon, Goodreads, or wherever you feel like it. It would really mean the world to me.

Thank you all so so SO much again for your support, and I really hope you enjoy One Good Dragon Deserves Another!

Yours always,


Jewels said...

Will the narrator be the same?

Rachel Aaron said...

Yes! Very excited to have him back!

Rachel Aaron said...

Yes! Very excited to have him back!

Rachel Aaron said...

Yes! Very excited to have him back!

Unknown said...

And finished....2016 until the next, rats!

Jeffalina said...

I was very excited to see it download on my kindle. My beach reading for the next few days... Ok, probably more like day. I'll just keep reading until it's finished! :)

Unknown said...

Will it be available on Kobo at all? I can't wait to read it!

Anya Behn said...

Congratulations, Rachel!

I couldn't put it down, and I am a picky reader. I like all of your books--please write more of the Paradox books. And I am looking forward to more Heartstrikers.

Thank you for writing! Keep it up!

Rachel Devenish Ford said...

Loved it Rachel! I'm a big Bob and Amelia fan!

Unknown said...

First and foremost thank you for give me a truly enjoyable book. Aside from a few scenes that were so sweet I wait to garb a finger-stick to check my blood-sugar or grab some chips to scoop-up the sheer amount of cheese that was on my kindle; I REALLY liked it! But I do think that the last chapter or two should have been saved for the next book....

For the series as a whole I'm sure the next book will clear up any WTF moments I had at the end. Still really enjoyed it and hope the next one is just as good

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